Nude lolita 17 yo

Nude lolita 17 yo


Related article: Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 17:57:40 -0700 (PDT)
From: mike tompkins
Subject: The farmer ad 3 Along for the rideAs SIR and I got of the truck I could see a semi
tracker trailer parked along the side of the barn and
out walked a tall slender man to be in his middle 30's
dressed tiny lolitas up skirts in a cowboy shit and jeans and boots. SIR
walked up to the man as he walked towards the house.
SIR seam to know him, the man was carrying a duffle
bag and a black bag. I was told to wait by the truck
my leash was hanging from my collar and I was
shirtless. Then the two men start to walk towards the
house sir told me to carry the mans bags to I reached
for them and followed behind them as they talked till
we entered the were I was told to put the bags on the
table then SIR told the guy, Dan too strip and take
everything out of his pockets and put them on the
table. Sam emptied his pockets and striped all of his
clothing and put them on the table. First came off the
shoes, sock, shirt, pants, and then his jock strap.
Dan had both nipples pierced and a tattoo like mine on
his right cheek. Next Sam dumped out one duffle bag of
dirty clothes and in the other bag was some leather
harness, dildos; butt plugs a stack of nude photos
that look like they nude lolits modles sights were taken in the semi sleeper and
a ledger book. SIR took the book and ledger and
started to look it over and asked Dan is this book
complete boy Dan looked at SIR and said YES SIR, it
better be boy now give this slave your clothes and get
to washing them you two, MOVE IT . We gathered the
clothes on the table and Dan show me where the washing
machine was at. I thought about asking questions but I
knew better to question SIR orders and didn't talk to
Sam, till I knew it was permitted to speak. So we just
went and washed Sam's clothes and did SIR laundry
.after we put the load into the machine went to see
what Sir wanted me next to do. Sir was sitting naked
in the chair reading Dan's log book and looking at
pictures. SIR told us to sit at his feet while lolitas pre teens modelis he
read; I sat at his left side and Dan at his right
side. SIR asked Dan questions about his logs and
wanted to know if there were any candidates for his
stable and said there was one guy name Alex he picked
up free lolitas bbs image near Boston that might be worth getting a hold of.
Alex was about 21 yr old and had very little family or
contact. Alex worked as a gas attendant and lives
alone and loved to be fucked. As you see sir you will
find his address, age, phone number, and work number
all listed their sir and the picture has his name on
it sir. Sam was eager to please his master. Master
told Dan to go to the cupboard and get your collar and
restraint and bring them here. Sam got up and went to
the cupboard and took out a collar and some restraints
and gave them to master. SIR put the collar on Dan and
the restraints to his wrist and ankles. Dan looked
puzzled and sir spoke and told Sam to bend over and
sir inserted a butt plug into Sam ass with one push,
Sam gasped when the butt plug was and bound his arms
behind his back. Sir told Sam I was going to let you
have his one but you forgot your place boy. All Sam
could say sorry sir, and with that SIR placed chastity
over Sam's cock. Then SIR took Sam upstairs, I was
told to follow them to the bedroom floor and told him
to stay there, Sam said nothing, he knew not to say a
Time for to show what piglet here is going to miss,
with that sir bent me over the edge of the bed and
started to fuck me hard and deep, all I could do was
moan with pleasure as I was being fucked in front of
Dan laying on the floor. SIR fucked me for 25 minutes
then exploded in my ass, I could feel the cum shooting
in my ass. leaking out of my hole and down my leg,
then sir turn me around and told me to jack off over
by Dan face, so he can see what he will not get, I
started to beat off and shot my load over Dan. Sir
went to the bathroom and came back with a glass of
piss and told Dan to take this and shoved it into
Dan's open mouth. After shooting my load I was told to
leave it there so Dan will know what he did miss. .
sir then told be to take a piss and shit before I come
to bed , so I left Dan and sir in the room , when I
return I saw Dan (piglet) wearing a diaper sir told
me to get into bed and sir made mad passionate love to
me to make Sam aware what he had missed.
Next morning I woke up before sir did so I stated to
wake sir up the regular way by sucking his cock. It
took him only a couple of minutes to wakeup and as his
cock woke up sir to fuck my face and shot his load
into my eager mouth and wash it down with his morning
piss, I made sure not to lose a drop . preteen lolita nude model Sir then told
me to get clean up and straighten the bedroom; we got
a long lolita little models young day ahead of us boys. As I was walking to the
bathroom I saw piglet was laying there with his eyes
open. Piglet did not make a sound, I could hear sir
tell boy, did you learn you place boy, and Sam could
you better boy, piglet was brought to the bathroom to
be clean, the diaper was dry and clean, and sir just
smiled and pulled the butt plug out and took off the
chastity and was told to piss and shit and shave boys.
Piglet get your ass down ASAP boy. Piglet shifted and
pisses and quickly shaved and raced down to the
kitchen were sir was waiting. I straightened the
bedroom and made sure the bathroom was in order. Then
I went down to the kitchen to see what I need to do
before staring my chores for the day, when I arrived
In the kitchen I saw sir putting food on the table and
was told to sit down next to piglet and waited to sir
to tell me it was ok to eat. Sir sat down and began to
eat, after a couple of minutes I was told it eat, as
Sam and semi nude lolita models I eat sir informed us we are going with piglet
in his truck. So Be on Your Best Behavior Both of You,
sir said. After breakfast I did the dishes and sir
went up stairs Sam gathered his clothes in his duffle
bag. SIR walked in with two bags, sir handed me put
the leash on me and told me to put a pair of shorts on
and told piglet to put his bib overalls on nude lolits modles sights
no shirts
boys. SIR put a leash on my collar, piglet had his
collar on and sir placed the restraints back on piglet
wrist and ankles and we left to get in Dan's semi. Dan
got in on the driver side and me and sir got in on the
passenger side, when I got in, I was to too get into
the sleeper compartment and talk off my shoes and
shorts, so I handed them to sir, he put them into the
duffle bag and sat in the passenger seat and we were
off down the road. When we got on the highway piglet turn on his CB
radio and ask for a Smokey report and found out it was
clear, we had been on the road for about two hours
when piglet stated we need to get some gas and with
that we pulled into a truck stop. Piglet got out and
started to pump the diesel into his rig Sir told me it
was time for me to take a shit and piss while I could
sir handed me my shorts and t-shirt and shoes and sir
and I walked to the restroom I walk behind sir to the
restroom and sir told to take a shit and make it
quick, I thank sir for allowing me to use the
restroom. While in the restroom I could see several
truck drivers staring at me and sir. This tall bearded
guy approached and made a commit to sir you have a
nice looking slave boy you have their. Sir said he's a
good cock sucker want to try him out for twenty bucks
he will suck you off and the tall guy said sure, with
that sir and the beard guy took me to were the trucker
take their shower at and found an empty shower room
and told me to get on my knees and the bearded guy was
named bud, bud pulled his cock out and I opened my
mouth and started to suck the guys 6 inch cock, sir
watched the hole time to make sure that's bud didn't
hurt me or do anything else.
I started on the head of buds cock and licked the piss
slit and slowly took the cock into my mouth. Bud but
his hands to the back of my head and started to fuck
my face, bud could only moan at this point. Stopped
sucking his cock and went for his balls, they were
huge I could only take one a time and I chewed on both
of them, then went back to his cock, taking it all
down at once, it was about then bud shot his load down
my throat, little cum could be seen , but I lick that
right up.. About then two other trucker saw what was
going on and was standing there with though cock out
and hard in hand. Sir told them want some twenty buck,
both guys just grind and handed the money to sir, and
waited for their turn. Bud handed sir twenty bucks and
said it was the best blowjob he ever had. Sir just
smiled at him. The two other truckers shut the door
and told me to strip, I looked at sir and nodded , sir
said if your going to want ass It cost you more boys
they said no problem how much and sir said thirty buck
more each . Guys looked at each other said no problem,
they pull out the money and gave it to sir and by that
time I was only wearing my collar and the other two
guys were naked.
With me on my knees on the tile floor both guys stuck
their cock in my face, I suck one and it really wet
and he walked behind me and told me to stand and bend
over, I did as I was told and continued to suck the
other guys cock and I could feel the hairy guy put his
finger in my ass and all I could do was moan each time
he fucked me with his finger. Then the guy started to
enter my ass with his dick, slowly at first till he
got his 5 inch dick into my ass, it felt good to be
fucked. And suck at the same time, the hairy guy start
to fuck me faster. He told his friend Steve you got to
try this, this boy has a nice tight ass, well chuck
his mouth is hot man want to trade places, in a minute
Steve, I'm about to shoot a big load in this as, jus
as he said it he shot four load of hot cum into my
ass, he kept bumping my ass for about five minutes and
pulled it out and walked over to the front of me were
his buddy just pulled it out of my mouth. Now it's my
turn teen model loli art at that ass. Steve just shove his six inch cock
that was less then a minute in my mouth and now was in
my ass .it sled in with out any problem.
Chuck was holding is cum covered cock in hand and told
me to clean it up and shoved it in and I lick it
clean, it was hot to clean off the cock that was just
in my ass. Mmm good. Chuck grabbed my ass and fucked
me like he hasn't had any for sometime. Chuck fucked
so hard, I almost fell to the floor, then chuck yell
out I'M COMING I'M COMING and with that he shot his
load in my cum filed ass. Luckily we were in the
shower room were sir told me to rise off. Both guys
just got dressed and walk out with big smiles on their
faces. SIR handed me some paper towels to use to dry
my self off, then I got dressed and walk out to the
rig were piglet was wait for us. Piglet said he didn't
see you sir in the restroom sir just smiled sir do you
want to get something to eat while we are here sir,
piglet asked. You two go back to the rig and preteen lolita nude model I get
something to go. We waited for sir to return and about
fifteen minutes nude lolita 17 yo he returned with two bags. Sir got in;
I was in the back with only my collar on and Sam,
piglet sitting in the driver seat talking on his cell
phone and hung up. SIR I got a load to pickup in
Kansas City to Lubbock Texas, hauling farm equipment
sir. Well we better get are ass a moving and it's a
three hour drive to Kansas City form Des Moines Iowa,
we take 35 south, good move it piglet.More to cum
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